Québec Street Food Association

About us

Street food is a unique culinary adventure, distinct from traditional restaurant fare. As experience has shown in several large cities across the world, street food is also a vibrant showcase for the many talents and flavours emerging from the kitchens and restaurants of Montreal and other neighbouring cities.

We believe street food enriches urban life by allowing city dwellers to occupy public spaces while feasting on succulent dishes. When cruising the streets and neighbourhoods of our cities, street food restaurant owners give locals and tourists a glimpse of Montreal’s and Québec’s culinary scene: innovative, talented, inspired, creative and deliciously cosmopolitan. Street food operators have direct contact with the public and gastronomy becomes accessible to everyone.

Created and administered since 2012 by enthusiastic and experienced restaurant owners and food service managers, the Quebec Street Food Association is a strong and united voice for established restaurant owners operating street food installations in Montréal and throughout Québec.

The QSFA has rigorous selection criteria and favours gourmet street food coherent with sustainable urban and touristic development in Quebec. Members of the Association have adopted common procedures and specifications in conformity with municipal, provincial and federal laws and regulations regarding food and public health. These specifications also answer to the highest quality expectations of our clients.

The Association’s restaurant owners work with consumers and the environment in mind, always offering the highest quality wholesome foods, served in ecologically responsible containers. Our members choose suppliers and artisans who care about the quality of their product and about the environment.

Thanks to the unforgettable culinary experience and outstanding service offered by its members, the QSFA wants to make street food a favourite attraction for residents and visitors in cities across Québec.

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