Our mission

The ARRQ promotes sustainable urban development and tourism. To do this, the Association promotes respect for the environment and consumers in the choice of practices, ingredients and tools used by members. Truck-restorers use premium food, eco-friendly containers and do business with local suppliers and craftsmen to source. The organization also attaches great importance to meeting food safety standards in the kitchen. At this level, practices are in compliance with municipal, provincial and federal regulations.

our values

For purely social purposes and without the intent of pecuniary gain for its members, the ARRQ is intended to promote street catering (commonly known as Street Food). The main objectives of the ARRQ are to publicize street food services to the public in Quebec, both in the Greater Montreal region and in the different regions of Québec, in order to convince the municipal and provincial authorities of the importance and The legitimacy of street catering and the benefits it brings to consumers.

contact us

Association of Street Restorers of Quebec


phone (514) 274-2719

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