In 2012, Gaëlle Cerf and Guy-Vincent Melo, founders of the Quebec’s Food Truck Association, introduced street cuisine in Montreal. The dynamic duo’s purpose is to bring out Montreal’s unique culinary identity.

After holding a couple of pilot projects in Ville-Marie, the Rosemont area and near the Lachine Canal, they discovered montrealers passion for street food. Their goal was to help their members stand out and unite them in order to promote street cuisine on a larger scale. The Association also represents its members and protects their rights and interests before different legal authorities.

By ensuring an unforgettable culinary experience and a perfect service to its clients, the Association wants street cuisine to become a must-try for locals and visitors in Quebec.


We encourage an urban development and a touristic expansion. To achieve our goal, we promote environmental performance by helping our members make the right choices in terms of business practices. The food trucks use top quality produces, environmental friendly containers and work with local producers and vendors. The Association ensures hygienic standards are respected in the kitchens by its members. It also respects municipal, provincial and federal rules and regulations.


The Association’s goal is to promote street cuisine for social purposes only and with no intention for pecuniary gain. The main objectives of the Quebec’s Food Truck Association are to promote street food in Montreal and the rest of Quebec in order to convince the municipal and provincial authorities of the legitimacy of street cuisine and its benefits for the clients.